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We get hundreds of emails and letters each year and we enjoy reading each and everyone of them (if you write to Jenniefer, she will answer your letter with a sprinkling of Folly Dust). This is just a small sample of what our Customers are saying about us.

"I have been a fan of your jewelry and sense of whimsy for many years.  I had the pleasure of meeting you at Nordstroms in Beachwood, Ohio several years ago.  You had your picture taken with my mother, my daughter, and myself. I still have the picture displayed in my home. I also spoke to you at QVC a couple of years ago when I bought the wine goblets and the crown ring. I know that you don't remember, but it was worth remembering to me. I have been a fan for many years.
My daughter has never been as flamboyant at myself, but I am happy to say that you have won her over.  She will be getting married soon and is wearing a champagne gown encrusted with pearls and crystals. I ordered her the two decorative hair combs in your inventory that match the dress perfectly.  She is wearing the larger one in her hair and the smaller one in her bouquet.  During your recent sale I also purchased the small tiara or headband that matches the combs and she also absconded that. She wants to attach her veil to it for the ceremony. She wears it around the house now to remind herself to stick to her diet! I also bought two different styles of your chandelier earrings and now she wants those too!   She knows that I am the queen, but she is a pretty good princess.  She also wants to attend your event in Pennsylvania in April. It will be impossible for me to take off work so I am sorry that I cannot indulge her. So, you see that she has been won over completely.
I am also a member of The Order of Eastern Star and own the three pins that you made for the organization. Thank you, they are beautiful. I am going to be the Worthy Matron of my Chapter in November and am using a Renaissance theme for the year.  I just wanted to share that I recently purchased twenty pearl necklaces during your recent sale for gifts for my officers. Thank you for having such a great sale so that I could afford to share my love for Kirk's Folly with my friends. Thank you for keeping our Organization in your thoughts."
Thank you - Janet

"You were just on QVC and I ordered the watch with the bracelet in "clear". I think you had it on. It is just beautiful!! I wear it with the bracelet and without. I just love it. I was not too sure about ordering it as the TV did not do it justice.
Anytime I am out it is common to have several people comment on it. The other day I was standing in line getting a prescription for my husband and this lady came up to me because she saw it sparkling from a distance and just wanted to tell me how beautiful it was!! I am so glad I ordered it!
I thank you & your family for creating such beautiful pieces."

"I just received my box of goodies ordered from the Fairy Sale....It was better than Christmas!  I usually consider it a splurge to buy one special piece each time I catch you on QVC but this time at the Fairy sale I had a ball!  I was able to purchase items I never thought I could have.  Your jewelry is truly beautiful and brings me so much pleasure.  The fantasies get me through the tuff days that's for sure.  GOD Bless you for bringing Kirks Folly into my life.  Keep the memories going!"

"I love Kirks Folly so when I saw that there was a grab bag, I thought there couldn't be anything in it that I didn't like.  It was like opening Christmas presents. I oohed and ahed and smiled a whole big lot. I couldn't believe each box I opened had something prettier in it than the one before it.  The watch was major bling and the scarf...  ahhhhh.  Those two things would have been enough but then there were the earrings and the bracelet and the necklaces and the ....  Well you get the picture.  Very yummy stuff."
Puppy Hugs , Cherry from Iowa

"I received my 'Fly Home Angel' wing necklace and gift today, and I am absolutely thrilled with them!! You're jewelry is really special and I will always treasure it."
Thank you again - Samantha

"I received my order today and its wonderful.  The Dream Angel necklace is more beautiful than I had imagined, its breath taking.  And the free Angel wings are wonderful. I put it on this morning when it came and haven't taken it off since.  I feel like I have a Angel wrapped around my neck. I thank all of you for making such beautiful, meaningful, spiritual items.  The workmanship is out standing. Thank you again."
Sincerely - Virginia

"I just wanted to write and let you know how much your jewelry means to me.  I have been a Kirks Folly addict since the first time I saw you on QVC, way back when in the "80's"  I have had the pleasure of meeting you at least five times when you traveled about for your teas at the different stores in the state I live in.  And you are just as lovely in person as you are on television.  My husband who passed over five years ago this month used to love to take me to the teas. So much so he would take the day off from his work, if they fell on a week day. I treasure the pictures of you with him and me.  Needless to say I have drawers full of your beautiful jewelry.
Now for my story. Years ago I sent in a piece of jewelry for repair. On the return of my repaired piece in the box was a watch that was sent in error. I sent the watch back, stating that someday I dreamed of having one of your watches but this was not way to get one. That the watch needed to be sent on to the rightful owner who was surely missing it. To my surprise a few week later I received a package from your company. I didn't order anything and thought, oh no, another mistake. Inside was a letter and a watch. My own Kirks Folly watch!  Just wanted to let you know how truly wonderful your company is. Any other company wouldn't even have acknowledged that the watch was returned, let alone send a beautiful watch back. I never expected that!
What prompted this letter was my looking thru my pieces, and the wonderful memories they all bring back to me. Just wanted to let you know what a truly remarkable, unique company you have."
Take Care, Sue G.


Do you have a comment or question for Jenniefer, Helen, Elizabeth or George? Here´s your chance to ask it! Maybe you have a question about your favorite piece of Kirks Folly, or what inspires us, or you just want to know the best time to catch a glimpse of the fairies in your garden! Ask away, and you just may find the answer on our Web site from the Fairy Godmother or someone from the Kirks Family!

You can e-mail your questions to or mail them to Kirks Folly, Attn: Web Site, 236 Chapman Street, Providence, RI 02905. PLEASE INCLUDE: your full name and a daytime phone number where we can contact you.

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